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How to join EWB USA and then also our Chapter EWB RTP: (Note that there are no fees or dues!)

  1. Go to and fill out the account registration.  For “chapter/section”, search for “research” to find the Research Triangle Professionals chapter
  2. After that, then follow the instructions to also register with an account in volunteer village, which provides access to all of the EWB resources and will also enable you to travel with our projects.

Note that if you don’t want to formally “register” but would still like to participate in EWB RTP chapter activities, that is not a problem, you can become a local member just by e-mailing us at and getting on our distro for all of the other EWB RTP activities/efforts, including project planning, fundraising, social events etc. Also please sign up on the above MeetUp site ( for meeting/event info. In either approach, please do e-mail us so we can make sure we get you on distro.

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